I Caribou-t You, Caribou

Disclaimer: credit for this punny blog title goes to the excellent like-mindedly pun-focused Naomi Louchouarn, who actually works on caribou with Yellowstone to Yukon.

The caribou. I think Michael Mitchell put it best when he said:

Any Canadian child of the 90s better know what I’m talking about. For everyone else, click that video above and you will not regret it. (Or perhaps you will, since you likely do not have fond nostalgic memories associated with patriotic Canadian children’s songs.) Continue reading


Mountains, Squirrels, and PIKAS

The travel bug really is a disease and you can only stave it off so long, before you run off to the mountains due to literal cabin fever. (See what I did there? Oh me.) After my travels in New Zealand I found myself prohibitively broke and only recently accrued enough funds to responsibly wander off again. My wanderings lead me to the mountain town of Canmore, currently home to squirreler, mountaineer, wilderness intern, University of California wunderkind, and all-around classy lady Naomi Louchouarn. We first met as field technicians learning how to read the hearts and minds of squirrels in the Yukon, and whenever we meet again it is just the best thing. People who you can freak out at nature with are keepers, my friends.


Naomi at the top of Mt Lady Macdonald

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Lovely New Podcast

I started listening to the new CBC podcast Love Me and man does it ever get you in the feels. I love the breadth of the types of relationships that is taken on in this podcast: episodes range from a story of a romantic relationship fostered by Google translate, to an exploration of the concept of self-love, to a re-telling of a complicated relationship between a man and his deceptive father. As the podcast describes itself, it is about the
“messiness of human relationships,” and that idea is captured wonderfully. Give it a listen!