Art? I do that?


A recent sketch-turned-graphic-design project my lack of sleep generated.


The Debate on Zoos

Zoos garner a unique mix of opinions, not only among adults but across an individual’s lifetime. Generally, we are introduced to zoos at a very young age, and unless we have a pretty advanced sense of empathy (aside: we all know kids do NOT) we see the zoo as being exclusively an exciting, fun place. Then, as we become more aware of concepts like captivity, ethics, and freedom, we have to re-confront the concept of the zoo and re-evaluate our opinions. Continue reading

Language Cringe

Finally, you’re out of your teens, out of high school, and you’ve found a bit of purpose in the Real World. Just when you think you’ve gotten past cringeing about your life (social awkwardness is decreasing, confidence is on the rise, life is looking up!), what do you do? If you’re me, you steamroller straight into a new minefield of awkwardness: functioning in a new language. Welcome to a whole new world of cringe: Language Cringe. Continue reading