Sarah’s Must-Reads #1: The Funny Stuff

A listicle?!?! Don’t worry folks, it’s not just mediocre click bait littered with number-by-number advertisements. It’s my all-time favourite funny articles that I’ve read online, and I feel like my little preamble here isn’t going to even do them justice no matter how much I wax on poetically, so let’s just go straight to #1.

1. Why You Secretly Hate Cool Bars – Wait But Why

In which Wait But Why blogger Tim Urban talks about that thing we all know: the Average Bar is a horrible place (as in: they’re too loud to talk, full of predatory characters, and a breeding ground for social discomfort). This article could have been painfully cynical, but it builds humour gradually in such a delightful way that it honestly kills me every time I read it. Tim Urban’s poorly-drawn illustrations and perceptive knack for making every-day observations hilarious make him one of my favourite people to read online. I first found him through his Ted Talk (Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator) which is 100% worth your time. Continue reading


Do Wizards Wear Pants? #robegate, answered.


da fuq is up with that?

I know you all (including 11yo Rupert Grint) have been wondering this question. Well, the time has come to finally answer it, and through long and silly reasoned debate, my companion Naomi Louchouarn and I have reached an undeniable conclusion: the answer is not a simple yes or no. First of all, allow me to backpedal and tell you that yes, of course we are talking about the Harry Potter universe (is there any other wizarding universe worth discussing in incredible detail?). Second, for context, Naomi and I have been concurrently re-reading the entire series and having regularly over-involved conversations about its nuances, which are many and delightful. I also listen to a Harry Potter podcast called Witch, Please (which would be an extremely good use of your time) where the hosts have repeatedly posed this question during their own re-reading: do wizards wear pants under their robes? Listeners of the podcast have taken to twitter to speculate on this phenomenon, yet the mystery of #robegate seemed to be unsolved… Continue reading

Sprucing Up Old Photos

I have a backlog of photos that I’ve been meaning to edit, and finally my addiction to podcasts has left me with enough what-do-I-do-with-my-hands time to actually learn how to edit them! (You know you’re a hopeless podcast addict when you’re trying to find activities that will allow you to keep sitting around listening to your shows…) Voilà, my first attempts at doing some selective colour editing:

oamaru-boat Continue reading