Gradual Abstraction of a Giraffe

A recent sketch-to-digital-art project I’ve been noodling away on during my weekends. Very satisfying to see the final product!


Why it’s not cool to be a scientist.

I have alluded in a few of my other posts to my frustration with science as a discipline. Usually when I explain my job to people, the reaction is: “wow, that must be so cool!” And 90% of the time, I would agree, but…like I suspect is the case with a lot of jobs, being a scientist is one of those things that looks hella cool from the outside but has a hidden darkness under the surface. It’s like how there’s the spunky public-facing Sonic the Hedgehog most of us know and love…


…and then there’s the internet’s version of Sonic the Hedgehog.


There is such a thing as knowing too much.

While it certainly won’t take us to as disturbing of a place as that image just did, let’s dive into the belly of the beast: what makes science so frustrating sometimes?

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Faces of Fieldwork Feature

Today I had the delectable delight of being featured on a blog called Faces of Fieldwork! This science communication initiative is all about “putting human faces on academic fieldwork,” which is unsurprisingly totally my bag. They publish short anecdotes about fieldwork submitted by biologists alongside that biologist’s picture to help share the (hilarious, inspiring, sometimes total fail) experience of academic fieldwork with the public. I love this idea and I hope my fellow field biologists will take the time to contribute by submitting a story! You can read my little feature here.