What the weta? This Power Ranger cricket can take on three different forms.

When most animals grow up, they pretty much look the same. Like, can you tell the difference between these two squirrels?

I mean, besides the fact that the one on the right might have a mild obesity problem, I couldn’t tell you who was who, even though I know they’re two different individuals that I observed on two different hiking trips.

Some animals, however, like to break this mould: enter, the Wellington tree weta.


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New Project: The Friendly Podcast

I am pleased as punch to be announcing a new project today: it’s a podcast!! Podcasts are an obsession of mine and I am very excited to now humbly count myself as a creator in this medium. I co-host The Friendly Podcast with Shrinkhala Dawadi, McGill psychology grad student/my friend/now my roommate. The meatiest part of each episode focuses on a selected topic about friendship, and then we spice it up with shorter segments such as “Friendships in Pop Culture” where we examine a friendship from a movie, book or TV show. We currently have two episodes out and we will continue to release new episodes every other Sunday. If this sounds like something that would interest you, please check us out and subscribe on iTunes! We can also be found alllllll over the social media scene on twitter and facebook. I have embedded our first episode here in this post for your listening ease (you will be not at all surprised to see it includes a Harry Potter-dedicated section)!