Photography From New Zealand

A sampling of my photos from my latest research trip to NZ, more of which can be found on my flickr page and here!


Becoming a Real Scientist & Returning to Canadiana

Hail and well met, blog readers! It’s been a while. One whole month to be precise. Which I spent working in the field collecting data for my Master’s research on weta, those crazy giant nocturnal crickets I like to think about!


A female Wellington tree weta we extracted from a tree branch for research purposes. More photos to come!

I unfortunately was not able to keep y’all in the loop while I was doing my research on Maud Island in New Zealand because the internet connection was très limited, and thus the downloading and uploading of media items was not an option on the docket. But now that I am nestled in Vancouver airport for a casssssual 9 hour layover (shhhh let’s pretend that’s not happening right now), what better time to give a news update? Continue reading

Sunburnt, Barefoot, and Cradling a Six-pack

Only in New Zealand do I ever end up fitting the description in this title. Yes, this is how we found ourselves at the end of my latest travel excursion: a stumbling tomato-red UV-destroyed lump just hoping to clutch together the disintegrating cardboard holding a 6 pack of Coronas for one more block back to the hostel. NZ, you turn me into a such a millenial vagabond.

Okay, let’s rewind: this slow descent into greasy hippie disaster began with my hiking trip into the Abel Tasman region three days yon. (Can I say that? I want to say it.) Three days ago. After two days’ preparation, because hiking by yourself is a total bummer when it comes to time spent planning, I attached a small porpoise to my back, took a squinty pre-departure selfie, and headed off down the Abel Tasman coast track on the South Island of New Zealand.

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Photography and Departing to the Other Side of the World

Dearest readership, hear ye hear ye: I finally updated my Canada photography on this blog! Sounds like a cute little task, but has actually been the cumulative effort of the past several weeks, sorting through all the old photos I have fermenting on my computer and deciding which are worthy to start a new fermentation process here on the internet. See below a sampling of oldies-but-goodies that I found, plus some new stuff from a recent weekend trip to Saguenay (a region in northern Québec that is currently a winter wonderland).

Well, that collage has no unifying theme and I love it.

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Mountains, Squirrels, and PIKAS

The travel bug really is a disease and you can only stave it off so long, before you run off to the mountains due to literal cabin fever. (See what I did there? Oh me.) After my travels in New Zealand I found myself prohibitively broke and only recently accrued enough funds to responsibly wander off again. My wanderings lead me to the mountain town of Canmore, currently home to squirreler, mountaineer, wilderness intern, University of California wunderkind, and all-around classy lady Naomi Louchouarn. We first met as field technicians learning how to read the hearts and minds of squirrels in the Yukon, and whenever we meet again it is just the best thing. People who you can freak out at nature with are keepers, my friends.


Naomi at the top of Mt Lady Macdonald

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